Meet Figma and its incredible San Francisco headquarters

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We are not shy when it comes to our love for San Francisco and definitely not when it comes to good design tools. That is why today we’d like to focus on Figma, an amazing company focused on web design tools that has fantastic headquarters in the Golden City.

About Figma


Figma started back in 2011 by trying to answer the question “Could tools for designers be built on the web?” Since then, the company has been proving that it definitely can. With the aim to provide more people with access, Figma has expanded to a whole range of services focused on collaboration, transparency, open-source ideals, and community. The company also has offices in New York and London.

Now, before we go into their amazing San Francisco offices, let’s take a look at the services the company offers.

Figma services

Figma offers a web platform that includes powerful design features. Some of its exclusive features include a modern pen tool, instant art designs and OpenType. The platform also offers auto layout, plugins, flexible styles and accessible libraries.

Its tools also let designers bring their ideas to life through animated prototypes. This helps you test concepts with an intuitive build and with mobile optimization. It also includes animated GIFs, dynamic overlays and embedded commenting, among many other features.

As we’ve mentioned, Figma is community-focused, this means anyone can contribute to their system. You can develop new features and build libraries to keep improving these wonderful styles.

FigJam is “an online whiteboard for teams to ideate and brainstorm together.” You can access it for free to brainstorm, map user flows, riff on ideas and much more. You can also plan get-togethers and workshops, and use mood boards and flow charts.

If you are interested in any of their services, you can check out their pricing here.

Why San Francisco?


The San Francisco Bay Area is known for its tech environment, with Silicon Valley as the main tech hub for innovative technology companies around the world. Hundreds of companies choose San Francisco as their headquarters and many tech events take place in the city. Some of the reasons why tech companies chose San Francisco are access to capital and an excellent business ecosystem, its cultural diversity and the various top-tier universities available in the area that provide an endless supply of talent. The company is home to big shots like Google, Apple, HP, Zoom, Microsoft and Adobe, and of course, many up-and-coming companies, supporting 200,000 tech jobs and the highest average high-tech salary in the US. This makes San Francisco the heart of the tech industry.

Figma’s offices in San Francisco


It’s no news that workspaces have changed over the last decades, particularly when it comes to tech companies. The goal is to create a supportive environment that improves productivity and creativity without putting pressure on employees.


Figma is one example of this type of workspace. Its San Francisco headquarters are spacious and look homey and warm with areas for employees to relax and enjoy their breaks. There are bookcases full of resources and modern art patterns on the walls. It also has long tables in shared spaces (like the kitchen or break room) that encourage people to interact and get to know each other.


The company’s careers page highlights the values that make their workspace what it is: building a community, running with it, loving your craft and growing as you go. In addition to the spaces we’ve described, Figma also hosts a series of in-company events to make these values come to life. These include show and tells so team members can show off the work they’re proud of, a Café Figma held every quarter, an annual variety show where employees can show off their out-of-office skills, and biyearly maker weeks that give people the chance to pursue their wildest ideas.

Moreover, with mental health and wellness benefits, a learning and development stipend, parental leave, and company recharge days among many other benefits, we can surely say the San Francisco company goes all the way to make its offices a welcoming and safe environment for all team members.

If you are tempted to work for the company, you can take a look at its current job offers here.

Final thoughts on Figma (San Francisco headquarters)

We would like to leave you with two thoughts today: our love for Figma’s products and how San Francisco is definitely a great city for a tech company to set up camp. These two come together in Figma’s offices, which is important because we know having the right space to motivate your team is quite an important issue to consider if you want your company to succeed. Providing employees with a space that feels bright, homey and relaxing can do wonders for their motivation and company loyalty. That is why we are such fans of Figma’s work!



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Meet Figma and its incredible San Francisco headquarters

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