Neben Solutions Is Among The Top App Developers In Canada

By Anna | February 28, 2022 | Development, Resources, Milestones |

The pivot to an online mode of business is easier than it’s ever been thanks to all of the service providers that help companies make that transition. But finding success after that shift is made is a different matter altogether.

Our team was formed in order to fill that gap that many companies find themselves in. The insight, skills, and expertise we provide are second to none and we constantly strive to prove it in a variety of ways. This article highlights one recent project where we demonstrate all of that as well as the effect it’s had on our own growth as a B2B vendor.


The client for this project was a fine arts company that was looking for a professional partner that could deliver a custom web-based front-end application for their platform. The goal of the project was to enable the company to integrate AI that will maintain the complex event management aspects of their operations.

The client decided to partner with us on the project after we demonstrated our proficiency in working with Figma designs. The trust in our skills was well-placed and we proved it by performing to our best ability during this engagement. While the score we earned from them during the project says a lot about what they thought of our work, we encourage everyone to get the bigger picture by reading the whole review on our Clutch profile.

This review symbolizes what a team like ours is capable of regardless of our relatively recent entry into the industry. However, we want to highlight a development that’s occurred that’s gone beyond the scope of this single piece of feedback.

Thanks to all of the reviews that we’ve earned in the past couple of years, it’s come to our attention that we’ve been named as one of the top Canadian app developers on Clutch. We fully appreciate this most welcome development and recognize it as a rare opportunity for our team to quickly make a good impression on future clients.

These small pieces of recognition are no accidents. They are the result of months of hard work that’s built on each other over time. If you want to experience what working with a top developer feels like, please visit our website and talk directly to our team through our contact page. We look forward to growing together with you.



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